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Content Restoration And Storage

Your photographs and family heirlooms comprise a wonderful and sentimental part of who you are in this world.  So, when catastrophe strikes—and your home and belongings suffer fire, water, soot, or smoke damage—you want someone on site that has the experience, dedication, and compassion to save as many of these possessions as possible.  This is where Insurcomm’s content restoration and storage division shines.

Content Restoration

In the aftermath of a fire or flood or natural disaster, a nightmarish landscape of personal belongings litters the scene.  Emotions often run high, while hope sinks down low.  What you need at this delicate time is the confident and empathetic and capable presence of Insurcomm’s content restoration and storage division which is directed by Jeremy Boston.  “During your time of need, and when you are most vulnerable, if I know you’re looking for some personal item, I will sift through debris and soot and find it! I understand that it’s the items you can’t buy that mean the most.”  

Our Process 

Insurcomm’s process is straightforward, realistic, and centered on the well-being of you, the customer.  First, Jeremy and his certified team of content restoration experts assist in working alongside your insurance company to determine what items are salvageable and what are not. Those items that can be cleaned and deodorized are packed out, while non-salvageable items are documented, either by a third party for insurance purposes or in-house by Insurcomm, and then properly disposed of.  Insurcomm’s mitigation and reconstruction teams then arrive on the scene, as your items are inventoried, cleaned, deodorized, re-inventoried, and stored in Insurcomm’s state-of-the-art storage facility.  Finally, after your home is back to its original—if not better—condition, Jeremy and his team move all contents back and restore order and, as Jeremy says, “happiness.”

“My goal is to help ensure a smooth transition between the customer and the work Insurcomm performs…there are a lot of moving parts from contents to mitigation to reconstruction, and I am there to help ensure that it all works harmoniously and in the best interest of the customer.”  

Your One Point Of Contact

When disaster strikes and you make the call to Insurcomm, you can rest easy knowing that their philosophy of “whatever it takes, they will bend over backward to ensure the very best result” is shared by each and every employee on staff.  This is the Insurcomm Difference—a difference that leaves you feeling like a member of the Insurcomm family—and this is what guides our philosophy at Insurcomm as well as each and every member of our team.                



Certified Trauma Specialists: Yet Another Reason Why Insurcomm Is Your One Point Of Contact

Trauma, as it relates to the uncomfortable reality of death, is a difficult and highly emotional experience for everyone—be it a loved one, a police or fire officer, a doctor or nurse, or a member of a sanitization, disinfection, and remediation team. Dennis Cote and Jeremy Boston, two of five certified Trauma Specialists on staff at Insurcomm, rank as the kindest, most capable, and yet sensitive professionals in the business.

Insurcomm Biohazard Cleanup

Together with their team, they make it their goal to provide thorough and compassionate service.  And in their wake, when the job is complete, they not only leave behind a safe, clean, and deodorized scene, but they earn the trust, confidence, and often times the friendship of all those affected by such a tragedy.  “The gratitude is overwhelming and represents the best part of my job…people truly appreciate the work we provide and the manner in which we conduct ourselves throughout this difficult time.”

Putting The Customer First

It is widely known that the business of cleaning up in the aftermath of an unattended death requires dedication, sensitivity, and an exact and proven protocol.  The owners of Insurcomm—Neil Robbins and Mike Brown—have added yet another dimension to this proven formula which is that of support.  “We protect our team, both physically when they are on site and emotionally when they leave the site…if the stress level proves a little much for our employees, we provide safety nets through the Employee Assistance Program that are designed specifically for them…we are a tight group, like a family, and this commitment represents the backbone of our business.”

The Realities of Trauma

Both Dennis and Jeremy—when faced with the realities of bacterial risks, bloodborne viruses, medical waste, and odor removal—maintain an open and consistent line of communication with their cleanup team.  “I am always asking my guys, ‘Are you okay…you need anything…you need to take a minute…’ because tending to their well being is paramount to our overall success and leads to a job well done.” 

Insurcomm Puts You First

If you have experienced the unfortunate and untimely death of a loved one, and you are not sure where to turn or who to call, know that the certified Trauma Specialists at Insurcomm, a significant part of the Biohazard Cleanup Department, are there for you at 844.ICI.WATER.  When you call, Insurcomm acts…and throughout the entire process, they treat you with the sensitivity, respect, and professionalism that you deserve during your moment of hardship.  This is the Insurcomm Difference, and they are proud to be at your service!     


Summer 2017 Top Fire Safety Tips

Because Insurcomm is an independently owned and operated business whose state-of-the-art facility is surrounded by homes and business in Portsmouth, NH, we get our share of questions, especially from homeowners, centering around fire safety. It is a pleasure, therefore, to address some of your major concerns…all with the hope, of course, that you and your family stay safe and free from fire’s wrath.

From what we have gathered, your number one concern is your precious home, so please take heed of a few friendly fire safety tips:

  • More house fires than you think are caused by air conditioning units. During our hot summer months, units can become overworked, overheated, and easily overlooked. Regularly cleaning the filter, occasionally changing the filter, avoiding extension cords or power strips, making sure the unit is clear of any surrounding combustible material and having your conditioner checked over at least once a year by a certified HVAC technician, will help ensure that your home and your family remain safe.
  • Even though the warm weather diverts your attention to the great outdoors, remember to test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. At Insurcomm, we suggest having at least one smoke and carbon monoxide detector on every floor, including one in an attached garage and one in your basement. Honestly, the more detectors, the better…placing them in bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, stairways, laundry rooms, and furnace rooms makes for better coverage and means better protection for your home and family. We also suggest changing the batteries twice a year, once when you “Spring ahead” and once again when you “Fall behind.”
  • Consider that your stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer, computer, and fan generate heat and pose a potential fire hazard. Look at these devices for loose connections, frayed wires, overtasked extension cords, and combustible material. A fire inside your home is anyone’s worst nightmare, and by simply being observant and proactive regarding your appliances, you can help avoid such a tragedy.
  • It’s grilling time, so bring on the BBQ’s and S’mores! But please, before you spark up the grill, stay safe with these Insurcomm tips: Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing; never use a grill in any type of enclosed location; if using a gas grill, check the connections on the propane tank between the fuel line and the tank; and watch where you place your lighter fluid, as a stray flame can ignite this liquid in an instant.
  • Fireproof your home by keeping fire extinguishers handy, by properly disposing of flammable material in your basement or garage, by having your furnace checked by a qualified professional, and by simply using good common sense and making good choices when it comes to candles, matches, and, once again, all electrical appliances.

The bottom line is that these summer months present a wonderful and exciting time to bond with family, especially after our long New England winter! All of us at Insurcomm wish you and your family and friends many fun and memorable experiences. For additional information on Home Fire Safety, the American Red Cross provides helpful and comprehensive tips. Always know that if a fire does occur, and it does indeed wreak destruction on your property, Insurcomm is, from start to finish, your one point of contact. When you call us at 844-ICI- FIRE, we are there for you, as our pledge is to provide the very best fire damage cleanup and repair services in all of New England!