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Your One Point Of Contact: The Insurcomm Difference

To have a seamless, timely, professional, and highly coordinated cleanup and restoration experience when disaster strikes your home or business is what separates Insurcomm. We pride ourselves on being your first and final phone call…your one point of contact.

To help accomplish such an optimum overall experience, Insurcomm has gone high tech by implementing the best of industry specific software.  From the moment your phone call is answered, and all necessary details are obtained, your information and the specifics of your job are entered into our DASH system.  From that point forward, any observations or notes taken by your assigned Project Manager show up immediately on DASH for all pertinent employees–those who cover the specifics of your job–to see.  

Insurcomm Staff Is Your One Point Of ContactThe bottom line is that everyone, from your team at Insurcomm to your insurance company to you, is on the same page, with nothing, not one small detail, being lost in translation!  

As wonderful as this data collection and communication software is, it would not work as perfectly and harmoniously without our dedicated employees…it is they who personify and exemplify the true Insurcomm Difference.  Our employees care for and feel for you, the customer, in your time of confusion and loss; we are a passionate company who rally around you, and we take this responsibility seriously.  

When a skilled and compassionate company of employees unite with well thought out and seamless software, great things are destined to occur.  This defines the Insurcomm Difference, this is what separates us, and this is what you can look forward to in your time of need.  Insurcomm is your one point of contact.