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  • Bridges Bros Movers has been contracted to move the contents of your home that must be relocated while restoration and reconstruction work is done. The services provided by Bridges Bros Movers may include packing/boxing contents for transport, as well as moving contents, furniture, appliances, etc. from your home to an off-site storage facility or an on-site storage container.

    In advance of these services being provided, you are asked to carefully review and sign the following statements relating to the services being provided:

    Liability of Mover

    1) The Mover’s shall not be liable for the mechanical or electrical malfunction of any article, unless there is evidence of outward damage to the article that is the direct and obvious result of mishandling during the moving process. This includes, but is not limited to, computers and computer equipment, cameras, pianos, radios, television sets, video game consoles, digital media players, barometers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, electric or gas stove/range, clocks and air conditioners.

    2) The Mover shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, mold, mildew, termites, rodents, vermin, moths, bed bugs, and other insects, rust, leakage, tarnish, oxidation, fumigation, heat, cold, moisture, change in temperature, or other atmospheric conditions.

    3) The Mover shall not be liable for damage to any item that has been previously damaged and/or repaired.

    4) The Mover shall not be liable for damage to furniture or articles of particle board construction.

    High Value Items

    The Mover may refuse to handle, or may require the customer to take additional insurances on, items of extraordinary or high value including, but not limited to: currency, coins, money, jewelry, bullion, notes, securities, precious stones, furs, silverware, watches, pearls, documents, stamps, accounts bills, deeds, evidences of debt, letters, manuscripts, mechanical drawings, blueprints, records, or other valuable papers.

    Difficult Access Limitation

    The Mover will make all reasonable efforts to deliver furniture and other articles to the location within the dwelling as requested by the customer and shall make all efforts to protect and prevent damage to the customer’s home during these efforts. The mover reserves the right to refuse to attempt any delivery that it believes may cause harm to the article, the dwelling or to the individuals involved in the moving of the article. In such instances the Mover will advise the customer of the concern and, if harm to individuals is not a concern, the customer may request that the movers attempt to make delivery. Prior to the attempt the customer will be required to sign a release of liability regarding any damage that may be caused to the article or dwelling during the attempted delivery.

    Onsite Storage

    In some instances the contents of the home may be stored in containers left on the customer’s property. Once loaded these containers will be locked and additionally sealed with a tamper indicator. No person other than employees of Bridges Bros Movers shall be permitted to open or enter the container at any time.

    Bridges Bros Movers shall not be responsible for any damage or loss claims to items stored in the container should there be any evidence of entry by individuals other than Bridges Bros employees.

    Claims Any claims of damage/loss must be reported to the Mover within 30 days of delivery. All claims must be submitted in writing using the claim form provided by the Mover and must be accompanied by pictures of the damage or the lost article. Upon receipt of claim form and pictures, the Mover shall have the opportunity to inspect all claims in person.

    Resolution and repair of any claim is the sole responsibility of the Mover. The Mover may attempt to repair or contract for repair of the article in question. If repair is not possible, the Mover may, at their sole discretion, elect to provide an article of comparable type, age and condition or provide financial compensation for the article using publicly available information to determine a current value reflecting the articles age and condition prior to the damage.

    No compensation shall be provided for any repair or replacement sought by the customer outside of the Mover’s claim resolution process.

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