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Disaster Relief

How it Started

In 2020 we traveled to Louisiana to do our first disaster relief job. We responded to Hurricane Laura (Category 4), which damaged the state with an 18 foot storm surge. As it was our first experience with disaster relief, we partnered with several restoration and mitigation companies to complete the work. Shortly after, in early 2021, Texas had a historical winter event where the whole state experienced freezing cold temperatures for a record breaking nine day stretch. Texas is where we realized national large loss disaster relief is something we want to move forward with and pursue as we saw the need for help in our travels.


A few short months later, we became connected with CORE, by becoming a CORE Elite Member. Joining CORE gave us access to a whole new level of capabilities. We now are able to partner with like minded companies nationally to complete the jobs at hand. This relationship allowed us to perform disaster relief more efficiently, as there are 44 Elite members nationwide. This gives us, and them, access to more manpower, equipment, and knowledge. 

Since becoming members, we have done disaster relief work in Florida from Hurricane Ian, Louisiana, New York, Missouri, Ohio, Texas and most recently the flash flooding in Vermont.


We are so grateful to not only be serving Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but now the entire country. That being said, we have a wonderful new Large Loss Team that works with us to build relationships, attend events around the country and work together to get the jobs done more efficiently. Currently, our team consists of Corey and Lindsey Brandon (Kentucky), Will Matthews (South Carolina), Tony Rillieux (Mississippi), Mike Walker (Mississippi) and a large loss team of project managers and mitigation technicians based in Portsmouth, NH that travel to help facilitate and run the jobs. 

To learn more about CORE, visit their website https://gowithcore.com/core-values/. To report a disaster relief claim, visit Insurcomm’s Major Disasters page.