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Insurcomm Office Expansion

If you’ve been following along, it’s clear we’ve been expanding. Why? you might be wondering. This is due to many factors: a new large loss division, new service offerings and higher efficiency office administrative work. We now have employees in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Kentucky. Everyone we hire to join a team or to start a new position serves an important role in our process.

Our large loss team is new and growing, our environmental team is expanding, as well as our business development team, administrative staff, new project managers as well as new team coordinators who help facilitate schedules, billing, and more.

Because of this exciting growth, we have expanded into the downstairs offices in our building which was previously occupied by tenants. This expansion allows us to continue to serve our customers with the highest level of service in the industry.

If you want to schedule a tour of our building and warehouse, to see who we are and the level of service we provide – please contact [email protected]