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How Mold Is Tested & Treated

Mold is dangerous, costly, and sneaky, so being aware of its warning signs is a significant first step in avoiding major problems. To begin with, mold spores need sufficient moisture, the right temperature range, and a food source such as insulation, carpet, wood moldings, or ceiling tiles.  Visible warning signs can be discoloration or water stains on walls or ceilings, or areas of standing water or condensation on floors or window sills.  Physical warning signs often begin with smelling a musty odor and can lead to rashes, seizures, or respiratory problems.  The good news is that (a) most molds are not toxic, and (b) Insurcomm is one phone call away!

We work with the leading mold testing industry experts that are able to test for mold. These industry experts are a separate independent 3rd party business from Insurcomm in order to uphold the highest levels of standards for you – our customer. If it is found that mold is present during testing by these leading independent experts – Insurcomm then steps in to do the complete mold elimination and remediation

When a structure reveals this menace, your Insurcomm specialists begin by finding its source—be it from plumbing damage, a leaking roof, or groundwater seeping into a basement or foundation.  Once we identify the source, we quarantine the area and store and clean all salvageable contents.  Using biocide detergent, negative air pressure, and the latest technology, we then clean the entire affected area, which is then coated with a mold-inhibiting protective layer. Finally, we restore the damaged area back to its original and pristine condition.

Without hesitation, your certified, licensed, experienced, and trusted Insurcomm Mold Remediation Team is available on a 24/7 basis. When mold reveals itself to you, Insurcomm is your trusted call—from start to finish, we are your one point of contact!