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Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations

The following article was initially published on the CDC Website.

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There is much to learn about the novel coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Based on what is currently known about the virus, spread from person-to-person happens most frequently among close contacts (within about 6 feet). This type of transmission occurs via respiratory droplets. The transmission of novel coronavirus to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented. Transmission of coronavirus, in general, occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through fomites. Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for the prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in community settings.


This guidance provides recommendations on the cleaning and disinfection of rooms or areas of those with suspected or with confirmed COVID-19 have visited. It is aimed at limiting the survival of novel coronavirus in key environments. These recommendations will be updated if additional information becomes available.

These guidelines are focused on community, non-healthcare facilities (e.g., schools, institutions of higher education, offices, daycare centers, businesses, community centers) that do and do not house persons overnight. These guidelines are not meant for cleaning staff in healthcare facilities or repatriation sites, households, or for others for whom specific guidance already exists.


  • Community facilities (e.g., schools, daycares centers, businesses) comprise most non-healthcare settings that are visited by the general public outside of a household.
  • Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt and impurities, including germs, from surfaces. Cleaning alone does not kill germs. But by removing the germs, it decreases their number and therefore any risk of spreading infection.
  • Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs. But killing germs remaining on a surface after cleaning further reduces any risk of spreading infection.

Cleaning and Disinfection After Persons Suspected/Confirmed to Have COVID-19 Have Been in the Facility

Timing and location of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

  • At a school, daycare center, office, or another facility that does not house people overnight:
    • It is recommended to close off areas used by the ill persons and wait as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection to minimize the potential for exposure to respiratory droplets. Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the area. If possible, wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection.
    • Cleaning staff should clean and disinfect all areas (e.g., offices, bathrooms, and common areas) used by the ill persons, focusing especially on frequently touched surfaces.
  • At a facility that does house people overnight:
    • Follow Interim Guidance for US Institutions of Higher Education on working with state and local health officials to isolate ill persons and provide temporary housing as needed.
    • It is recommended to close off areas used by the ill persons and wait as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection to minimize the potential for exposure to respiratory droplets. Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the area. If possible, wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection.
    • In areas where ill persons are being housed in isolation, follow Interim Guidance for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection for U.S. Households with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019. This includes focusing on cleaning and disinfecting common areas where staff/others providing services may come into contact with ill persons, but reducing cleaning and disinfection of bedrooms/bathrooms used by ill persons to as needed.
    • In areas where ill persons have visited or used, continue routine cleaning and disinfection as in this guidance.

How to Clean and Disinfect


  • If surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned using a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.
  • For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective.
    • Diluted household bleach solutions can be used if appropriate for the surface. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and proper ventilation. Check to ensure the product is not past its expiration date. Never mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser. Unexpired household bleach will be effective against coronaviruses when properly diluted.
  • Prepare a bleach solution by mixing:
    • 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water or
    • 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water
    • Products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens are expected to be effective against COVID-19 based on data for harder to kill viruses. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products (e.g., concentration, application method and contact time, etc.).
    • For soft (porous) surfaces such as carpeted floor, rugs, and drapes, remove visible contamination if present and clean with appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces. After cleaning:
    • If the items can be laundered, launder items in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and then dry items completely.
    • Otherwise, use products with the EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims that are suitable for porous surfaces 

Linens, Clothing, and Other Items That Go in the Laundry

  • Do not shake dirty laundry; this increases the possibility of dispersing the virus through the air.
  • Wash items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely. Dirty laundry that has been in contact with an ill person can be washed with other people’s items.
  • Clean and disinfect hampers or other carts for transporting laundry according to the guidance above for hard or soft surfaces.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hand Hygiene:

  • Cleaning staff should wear disposable gloves and gowns for all tasks in the cleaning process, including handling trash.
    • Gloves and gowns should be compatible with the disinfectant products being used.
    • Additional PPE might be required based on the cleaning/disinfectant products being used and whether there is a risk of a splash.
    • Gloves and gowns should be removed carefully to avoid contamination of the wearer and the surrounding area. Be sure to clean your hands after removing gloves.
  • Gloves should be removed after cleaning a room or area occupied by ill persons. Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed.
  • Cleaning staff should immediately report breaches in PPE (e.g., tear in gloves) or any potential exposures to their supervisor.
  • Cleaning staff and others should clean hands often, including immediately after removing gloves and after contact with an ill person, by washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available and hands are not visibly dirty, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains 60%-95% alcohol may be used. However, if hands are visibly dirty, always wash hands with soap and water.
  • Follow normal preventive actions while at work and home, including cleaning hands and avoiding touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
    • Additional key times to clean hands include:
      • After blowing one’s nose, coughing, or sneezing
      • After using the restroom
      • Before eating or preparing food
      • After contact with animals or pets
      • Before and after providing routine care for another person who needs assistance (e.g., a child)

Additional Considerations for Employers:

  • Employers should work with their local and state health departments to ensure appropriate local protocols and guidelines, such as updated/additional guidance for cleaning and disinfection, are followed, including for identification of new potential cases of COVID-19.
  • Employers should educate staff and workers performing cleaning, laundry, and trash pick-up activities to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 and provide instructions on what to do if they develop symptoms within 14 days after their last possible exposure to the virus. At a minimum, any staff should immediately notify their supervisor and the local health department if they develop symptoms of COVID-19. The health department will provide guidance on what actions need to be taken. When working with your local health department check their available hours.
  • Employers should develop policies for worker protection and provide training to all cleaning staff on-site prior to providing cleaning tasks. Training should include when to use PPE, what PPE is necessary, how to properly don (put on), use, and doff (take off) PPE, and how to properly dispose of PPE.
  • Employers must ensure workers are trained on the hazards of the cleaning chemicals used in the workplace in accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard (29 CFR 1910.1200external icon).
  • Employers must comply with OSHA’s standards on Bloodborne Pathogens (29 CFR 1910.1030external icon), including proper disposal of regulated waste, and PPE (29 CFR 1910.132external icon).

At Insurcomm, we have the experience and understand what is involved with environmental cleaning and disinfection. If you have questions we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 844-424-9283 or our dedicated cleaning and disinfection webpage.

Asbestos Testing And Removal

What Is Asbestos?

Insurcomm Asbestos

According to the Environmental Protection Agency Asbestos is: “A mineral fiber that occurs in rock and soil. Asbestos is a term used to refer to six naturally occurring silicate minerals. All are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals, each fiber is composed of many microscopic ‘fibrils’ that can be released into the atmosphere by abrasion and other processes and is often transferred into a fluffy consistency.

Why Is Asbestos Used?

Asbestos fibers are strong, soft and flexible allowing the material to withstand tremendous heat, electricity, and corrosion. These qualities have made asbestos useful in building construction materials for insulation and as a fire-retardant. These qualities; however, can pose a health risk. 

Where Is Asbestos Most Often Found? 

It is more common in homes than you may realize and can appear in various locations in your home. The most common areas you should be concerned with; but not limited to, are external siding, pipe wrap, linoleum flooring, and mastic. These products remain prevalent in many homes throughout New England.

External Siding – Most; not all, asbestos-containing siding looked like cement board.  It is about one-quarter inch thick, 10” to 12” tall, and 18” to 24” wide.  You could paint it, but most homeowners previously choose to leave it in its natural grey color.  

Pipe Wrap – Pipes found in basements were wrapped in a material that had a cloth outer shell and internally it looked like corrugated cardboard which is often found to be asbestos.  This wrap came in three-foot lengths and was secured to the pipe with metal clips. When this type of wrap was used – a paste was created and applied to the corners. The pipe and this material were also normally found to be asbestos based.  There is newer pipe wrap that looks like fiberglass and is yellow or pink in color with a similar cloth exterior which in many cases is not asbestos. However, the only way to confirm the presence or absence is by way of a laboratory test to confirm.

Linoleum Flooring – Traditionally linoleum came in 9” or 12” square tiles or in large rolls.  Historically the 9” tiles are older and are more commonly asbestos-based where the 12” tiles are newer and not commonly asbestos based.  The rolled style was known to contain asbestos in the older applications and not the newer but there is no way to determine old versus new linoleum regardless of size without a laboratory test to confirm. 

Mastic – Mastic; or glue, is the adhesive used to adhere to tile or other products to the subfloor or existing floor.  It was normally black or white in color. Traditionally the black mastic contained asbestos and the white did not – but again both need to be tested.  When removing flooring you are potentially dealing with many layers as it was common in the past to not remove the old floor and to simply go over it. If the top layer of linoleum does not contain asbestos but the mastic used to adhere it to the layer below is asbestos then whatever the mastic is touching must also be removed.  This can potentially mean many layers of flooring and subflooring must be removed. 

Recognizing The Presence Of Asbestos

It is not possible to look at something and determine if it is or is not asbestos. A laboratory specializing in testing needs to be utilized to confirm its presence.

Asbestos Abatement (removal) 

Asbestos needs to be removed (abated) by trained and certified professionals for the safety of anyone working or living in close proximity to it. Prior to the removal – licenses and permits from the EPA, and your local municipality in accordance with state laws are in place.

Insurcomm Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos can be a very dangerous product if established rules and regulations are not adhered to during the removal process. To avoid any conflict of interest, a third party is hired to conduct all testing.  

Once it has been determined that the presence of this dangerous substance is present on-site, Insurcomm will file the appropriate paperwork with the state and secure the necessary permits for remediation. 

Once all paperwork and permits are in place the area will be quarantined, a cleansing station for all workers to utilize when entering and departing the area will be constructed. The establishment of a negative air system and specialized dumpsters are wrapped and put in place for all hazardous waste during the ongoing work.  Once the asbestos has been removed from the involved area and that area has been cleaned and vacuumed utilizing HEPA vacuums the third laboratory will dispatch a licensed hygienist to perform a visual inspection and also perform a third party clearance test to ensure there are no dust particulates in the air. 

At Insurcomm, we have the experience and understand that the removal of this dangerous substance involves strict adherence to an intricate procedure followed by a delicate and thorough approach toward removal. If you have questions, Insurcomm is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 844-424-9283 or online at insurcomm.com.

Additional Resources:

Your Guide to Hiring an Asbestos Abatement CompanyAsbestos.com


How Mold Is Tested & Treated

Mold is dangerous, costly, and sneaky, so being aware of its warning signs is a significant first step in avoiding major problems. To begin with, mold spores need sufficient moisture, the right temperature range, and a food source such as insulation, carpet, wood moldings, or ceiling tiles.  Visible warning signs can be discoloration or water stains on walls or ceilings, or areas of standing water or condensation on floors or window sills.  Physical warning signs often begin with smelling a musty odor and can lead to rashes, seizures, or respiratory problems.  The good news is that (a) most molds are not toxic, and (b) Insurcomm is one phone call away!

We work with the leading mold testing industry experts that are able to test for mold. These industry experts are a separate independent 3rd party business from Insurcomm in order to uphold the highest levels of standards for you – our customer. If it is found that mold is present during testing by these leading independent experts – Insurcomm then steps in to do the complete mold elimination and remediation

When a structure reveals this menace, your Insurcomm specialists begin by finding its source—be it from plumbing damage, a leaking roof, or groundwater seeping into a basement or foundation.  Once we identify the source, we quarantine the area and store and clean all salvageable contents.  Using biocide detergent, negative air pressure, and the latest technology, we then clean the entire affected area, which is then coated with a mold-inhibiting protective layer. Finally, we restore the damaged area back to its original and pristine condition.

Without hesitation, your certified, licensed, experienced, and trusted Insurcomm Mold Remediation Team is available on a 24/7 basis. When mold reveals itself to you, Insurcomm is your trusted call—from start to finish, we are your one point of contact!



The 1-800-BoardUp Experience: A Caring and Helpful Expert In Your Time Of Need

When Dennis Cote, the capable and caring Director of Emergency Services for 1-800-BoardUp, arrives at the scene of any disaster, you can guarantee that his focus is on the safety and well-being of those victims whose lives have been turned upside-down.  Through his twenty-eight years as a firefighter—most as Chief Fire Officer—and through his calm and compassionate demeanor, Dennis has provided countless victims with the strength and guidance needed in order to reclaim their lives.

BoardUp is a nationally renowned victim assistance and disaster recovery business, where empathy blends seamlessly with experience.  BoardUp Throughout the years, Dennis has established solid relationships with community firefighters and first responders.  “When I show up on scene, everyone knows that the victims—those men, women, and families affected by a disaster—will be taken care of and never taken advantage of.”  In one instance, a fire that caused extensive smoke damage in an apartment complex, the Red Cross had not shown up by the time Dennis arrived. With one phone call, Dennis had secured fourteen rooms at a local hotel, obtained a firefighter to accompany the victims into their apartments to collect any overnight belongings that were salvageable, and met the victims at the hotel to offer any further 1-800-BoardUp assistance. “Money was never part of this equation…this was simply BoardUp at its finest. And to add yet another bright layer to this compelling story, Insurcomm had the tenets back into clean and deodorized apartments within three days!”

Through 1-800-BoardUp, Dennis has assisted innumerable families, including veterans and their service dogs.  In one such case, Dennis and the good people at Insurcomm even went as far as to contact the Easter Seals Military Veterans Programs to reclaim citations, medals, medications, and even a flag that had been lost in a fire.  “It’s an honor to help restore the life and well-being of someone who has served our country.”   In other instances—quite common in disaster relief—1-800-BoardUp prevented secondary damage, which insurance companies welcome and value, by winterizing pipes; securing tarps overheating units, windows, doors, and rooftops; pumping water out from foundations; and removing trees.  “Regardless of your insurance or your ability to pay, we want to take care of you as if you were a member of our family.”

Most recently, 1-800-BoardUp and Insurcomm have teamed up to help raise money for the Seacoast Fire Chief’s Association Golf Tournament, which takes place on Friday, June 2, at the renowned Pease Country Club. All proceeds from this tournament will help ensure that firefighters in over forty communities have the necessary funds to provide the best of educational programs and training. “This is a fun and important event where all money raised ultimately benefits the citizens of this great state.”

If you need the best and most comprehensive of victim services; if you need board up; if you need emergency power; if you need shoring and stabilization; if you need temporary fencing; or if you need a simple toothbrush and great advice on how to put the pieces of your life back together after any type of disaster, then 1-800-BoardUp is your first and final phone call.  Allow Dennis Cote, and his extraordinary wealth of knowledge, to assist you in your time of need.   

New England’s Leading Restoration Company

The American Dream of owning a home or owning a business has certain unpleasant realities that lurk in its shadow—such as fire, water, storm, and mold damage—and such realities are exactly why we exist. Insurcomm is New England’s Leading Restoration Company. From start to finish, we are your one point of contact, as we have an experienced and certified staff of employees to serve your every need. We also have a brand new, state-of-the-art building—located in Portsmouth, NH from which to conduct operations.

From fire, water, storm, mold, biohazard, and asbestos cleanup and repair to contents cleaning, deodorizing, and storage, Insurcomm works hard to keep your American Dream alive and well. At Insurcomm, we pride ourselves on being your first and final phone call when catastrophe strikes.

Fire Damage

Fire damage cleanup is oftentimes more extensive than one realizes, as flames can char walls and ceilings and floors, and the heat from flames can melt furniture and fixtures from thirty feet away. Smoke from a fire can blacken personal items such as appliances, rugs, and pictures, and the odor from a fire can permeate the entire structure. When your local and brave firefighters leave the scene, Insurcomm remains with you— and works together with you and your insurance company—until your home, and those personal belongings that were salvageable, is restored back to its original, if not better, condition.

New England's Leading Restoration Company: Insurcomm Fire

A trusted Insurcomm team of certified experts will set a remediation and restoration plan in motion that includes working with your insurance company on your behalf, removing all debris, storing and cleaning all salvageable furnishings and personal items, and providing in-house and highly skilled tradesmen to complete your carpentry, roofing, plumbing, and electric needs. From start to finish, Insurcomm is your one point of contact.

Water Damage

Water damage due to storms, burst pipes, faulty sewer lines, foundation cracks, or leaky roofs and windows can wreak havoc on your home, and Insurcomm’s cleanup and repair teams are second to none. We have the knowledge and the equipment to clean and repair carpets, wood floors, baseboards, walls, ceilings, and personal items, and our experts are on call and at your service 24/7. Insurcomm handles water damage across New EnglandAt Insurcomm, we understand that every water damage situation requires a rapid response in order to stabilize the loss, as well as the latest in diagnostic tools, water extraction methodology, and drying equipment. For over twenty years, we have helped customers like you solve any and all water related problems. What separates us from our competition is that we have an experience base of over two decades; we have a solid reputation as a caring, trusted, and professional organization; and we provide a one-point-of-contact experience. From the moment we are on the scene, Insurcomm provides all service necessary—from cleanup to restoration—to ensure that you are completely satisfied with a job well done!


At Insurcomm, we know all too well that mold is a four-letter word, and we offer the best, most thorough, and most advanced mold remediation service in all of New England. Mold growth due to moisture buildup or water and flood damage can spread throughout walls, ceilings, attics, and basements at a rapid pace, causing structural damage to your home or commercial building. For the home or business owner, mold can cause sickness and serious allergic reactions. If you see or smell mold, you must act quickly in order to prevent further damage to your health and your home by calling 844-ICI-MOLD at any time of the day or night. Insurcomm handles all your mold issues across New EnglandUsing the latest technology—including HEPA vacuums, biocide detergents, negative air pressure, and mold-inhibiting protective coatings—our certified specialists will enact a proven plan of containment, removal, storage, and cleaning. For your peace of mind, we also provide an experienced team of in-house reconstruction craftsmen, and we offer the replacement of affected utilities and appliances. When mold rears its ugly face, Insurcomm is your trusted one point of contact!

Storm Damage

Water, mold damage, and a wide array of serious repair and cleanup conditions can easily be the result of nature’s wrath, so when a storm causes destruction to your home or commercial building, Insurcomm is just a quick phone call away. We have the best cleanup, repair, storage, and restoration services in New England and have proudly helped property owners for 20+ years.

Our certified disaster preparedness teams work with your insurance company on your behalf to handle any and all situations—from tree, roof, window, siding, or chimney repair, all the way to the complete destruction of a structure, we get the job done right and we work to eliminate your worry.

Insurcomm provides emergency board up of doors and windows, roof and siding tarps, removal of fallen trees and debris, generators, content cleanup and storage, and reconstruction and restoration services. Insurcomm takes care of you after a storm al across New EnglandBut what truly distinguishes us from our competitors is that we also provide our customers with anything from a toothbrush to meal certificates to sound advice from experts in the field, because we know that small and personal gestures go a long way when disaster strikes. At Insurcomm, we care deeply for those we serve, and we always aim to please.


Many home or building disasters require the vital services of Insurcomm’s 1-800-BoardUp experts. These seasoned and respected emergency responders, who work out of our newly constructed Portsmouth facility, are at your service to provide victim support such as temporary housing, loner cell phones, hygiene and PPE kits, pet services, and educational literature. They also work to secure your property while communicating and coordinating seamlessly with other Insurcomm divisions to ensure your complete peace of mind. 1-800-BoardUpInsurcomm handles your board up needs is a nationally recognized company that has provided the very best emergency support for victims of disasters, and we are proud to provide this A+ Rated (by the Better Business Bureau) service to our valued customers. The goal during any traumatic occurrence is to provide families and/or business owners with helpful, capable, timely, and professional service by offering resources and recommendations that will assist in support and recovery. At Insurcomm, your every need is our concern, and we work diligently and tirelessly to restore what was once whole and help put the pieces of a productive and healthy life back together again.

Contents Restoration and Storage

When fire, water, mold, or storm damage occurs, Insurcomm not only provides the most efficient, thorough, caring, and professional cleanup and restoration services, but we also have the best contents restoration and storage system in the northeast.

 In essence, your personal belongings must be taken care of in a professional and secure manner, and we go to great lengths to ensure such an experience. Using our ultramodern Ultrasonic Cleaning Station, we clean and restore your belongings to the highest of standards, even hand washing items when necessary. Rugs and carpets are cleaned, deodorized, and dried in yet another of our state-of-the-art machines. Once our technicians finish cleaning and drying your belongings, they bubble wrap and place them perfectly in white boxes, which are then positioned inside our clean and secured storage vaults, also housed on-site in our climate controlled facility. If a total Pack Out is required, we inventory all of your belongings and house them under 24/7 video surveillance. The bottom line is that when you call Insurcomm during difficult times, you can rest comfortably knowing that everything—from cleanup to construction to contents—is handled perfectly, professionally, and securely by a business that cares.

Biohazard Cleanup

There are many unfortunate and serious situations that require the attention of certified biohazard experts, and Insurcomm has the experience, the equipment, and the personal to handle any such circumstance. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are four levels of biohazards that begin with agents that pose a minimal threat to humans and the environment, and end with pathogens that pose a high risk of life-threatening disease. At Insurcomm, your safety is our concern and we pride ourselves on protecting our clients and our employees throughout the entire cleanup and restoration process. Biohazard environments include blood and bodily fluid spills from laboratories, crime scenes, suicide scenes, and automobile accidents, and we have the proven protocols—that are in accordance with OSHA and EPA regulations—to remove, clean, and restore any setting back to its original condition. Perhaps the greatest words we have received came from a client whose relative had passed and gone unnoticed in their home for nearly a week:

“I was saddened and overwhelmed at the untimely death of my father, and I was so thankful for the compassion, respect, and professionalism that the Insurcomm team provided.”

These are the sentiments we at Insurcomm strive for when working for you in your time of need.

Asbestos Cleanup

Asbestos was once thought to be the miracle fiber, and it was used for everything from fire and sound proofing to insulating homes. Siding and roofing products, heating and air conditioning ducts, hot water tanks, pipe insulation, stucco and plaster…asbestos can be found everywhere. By the 1960’s, serious diseases were being caused by asbestos, and by 1990 the EPA banned most uses of asbestos. The good news is that Insurcomm has an in-house staff of certified personnel who possess the depth of experience required to assess and remove this microscopic and dangerous substance. Once recognized, our protocol for asbestos remediation includes quarantining the affected area off, filing the appropriate paperwork with the state and the EPA, and securing all necessary permits for remediation. To avoid any conflict of interest, a third party is hired to conduct all testing and to write the abatement plan, a plan we then follow to standard. The proper handling of asbestos requires knowledge, skill, and resources, and Insurcomm is prepared, and available around the clock, to solve your asbestos problem.

Insurcomm: New England’s Leading Restoration Company

Specializing in fire, water, and storm damage cleanup and restoration, mold and asbestos remediation, biohazard cleanup, contents restoration and storage, remodeling, and reconstruction—and possessing an experienced, certified, and professional staff of employees—Insurcomm is quickly becoming New England’s leading, and one point of contact, restoration contractor. The Insurcomm Difference centers on complete customer satisfaction, and this begins with the initial phone call for service and ends with peace of mind and a job well done! We make sure that your every need is met during troubling times by a staff that genuinely cares about you and the work they provide. Your home, your family, your building, your business—your American Dream—is alive and well, and in good hands, when Insurcomm is on the job.


Content Restoration And Storage

Your photographs and family heirlooms comprise a wonderful and sentimental part of who you are in this world.  So, when catastrophe strikes—and your home and belongings suffer fire, water, soot, or smoke damage—you want someone on site that has the experience, dedication, and compassion to save as many of these possessions as possible.  This is where Insurcomm’s content restoration and storage division shines.

Content Restoration

In the aftermath of a fire or flood or natural disaster, a nightmarish landscape of personal belongings litters the scene.  Emotions often run high, while hope sinks down low.  What you need at this delicate time is the confident and empathetic and capable presence of Insurcomm’s content restoration and storage division which is directed by Jeremy Boston.  “During your time of need, and when you are most vulnerable, if I know you’re looking for some personal item, I will sift through debris and soot and find it! I understand that it’s the items you can’t buy that mean the most.”  

Our Process 

Insurcomm’s process is straightforward, realistic, and centered on the well-being of you, the customer.  First, Jeremy and his certified team of content restoration experts assist in working alongside your insurance company to determine what items are salvageable and what are not. Those items that can be cleaned and deodorized are packed out, while non-salvageable items are documented, either by a third party for insurance purposes or in-house by Insurcomm, and then properly disposed of.  Insurcomm’s mitigation and reconstruction teams then arrive on the scene, as your items are inventoried, cleaned, deodorized, re-inventoried, and stored in Insurcomm’s state-of-the-art storage facility.  Finally, after your home is back to its original—if not better—condition, Jeremy and his team move all contents back and restore order and, as Jeremy says, “happiness.”

“My goal is to help ensure a smooth transition between the customer and the work Insurcomm performs…there are a lot of moving parts from contents to mitigation to reconstruction, and I am there to help ensure that it all works harmoniously and in the best interest of the customer.”  

Your One Point Of Contact

When disaster strikes and you make the call to Insurcomm, you can rest easy knowing that their philosophy of “whatever it takes, they will bend over backward to ensure the very best result” is shared by each and every employee on staff.  This is the Insurcomm Difference—a difference that leaves you feeling like a member of the Insurcomm family—and this is what guides our philosophy at Insurcomm as well as each and every member of our team.                


Certified Trauma Specialists: Yet Another Reason Why Insurcomm Is Your One Point Of Contact

Trauma, as it relates to the uncomfortable reality of death, is a difficult and highly emotional experience for everyone—be it a loved one, a police or fire officer, a doctor or nurse, or a member of a sanitization, disinfection, and remediation team. Dennis Cote and Jeremy Boston, two of five certified Trauma Specialists on staff at Insurcomm, rank as the kindest, most capable, and yet sensitive professionals in the business.

Insurcomm Biohazard Cleanup

Together with their team, they make it their goal to provide thorough and compassionate service.  And in their wake, when the job is complete, they not only leave behind a safe, clean, and deodorized scene, but they earn the trust, confidence, and often times the friendship of all those affected by such a tragedy.  “The gratitude is overwhelming and represents the best part of my job…people truly appreciate the work we provide and the manner in which we conduct ourselves throughout this difficult time.”

Putting The Customer First

It is widely known that the business of cleaning up in the aftermath of an unattended death requires dedication, sensitivity, and an exact and proven protocol.  The owners of Insurcomm—Neil Robbins and Mike Brown—have added yet another dimension to this proven formula which is that of support.  “We protect our team, both physically when they are on site and emotionally when they leave the site…if the stress level proves a little much for our employees, we provide safety nets through the Employee Assistance Program that are designed specifically for them…we are a tight group, like a family, and this commitment represents the backbone of our business.”

The Realities of Trauma

Both Dennis and Jeremy—when faced with the realities of bacterial risks, bloodborne viruses, medical waste, and odor removal—maintain an open and consistent line of communication with their cleanup team.  “I am always asking my guys, ‘Are you okay…you need anything…you need to take a minute…’ because tending to their well being is paramount to our overall success and leads to a job well done.” 

Insurcomm Puts You First

If you have experienced the unfortunate and untimely death of a loved one, and you are not sure where to turn or who to call, know that the certified Trauma Specialists at Insurcomm, a significant part of the Biohazard Cleanup Department, are there for you at 844.ICI.WATER.  When you call, Insurcomm acts…and throughout the entire process, they treat you with the sensitivity, respect, and professionalism that you deserve during your moment of hardship.  This is the Insurcomm Difference, and they are proud to be at your service!     

On The Job With Insurcomm’s Project Manager, Mike Pike

Imagine if your business or home suffered from fire, smoke, soot, and water damage.  You would be upset, you would feel a great loss, you would be aching to get back to normalcy, and you would need a calming and experienced professional to assess the situation, assure you that everything was going to be just fine, and implement a mitigation plan that works to remedy the situation. Insurcomm’s Project Managers are there for you in your time of need.

This, in essence, defines the role of Insurcomm’s Project Manager, Mike Pike. Throughout time, greatness has been associated with grace under pressure.  The best minds, the best leaders, the best soldiers, and the best parents have a brilliant ability to remain calm when things spiral out of control.  On countless occasions—each one representing a disaster where people needed a reasonable voice, a capable company, and a flawless mitigation plan—Mike Pike has delivered.    

Recently, the lovely and historic downtown Portsmouth suffered a major fire that brought down a building and profoundly affected neighboring businesses and apartments.  One such building—the one that houses the fine restaurant, Louie’sInsurcomm's Project Managers at Louie's In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as five apartments—is now in the good hands of Mike Pike and his remediation and mitigation expertise.  Mike secured the necessary permits, conferred with insurance companies on the behalf of those affected, and set to work with his Insurcomm team to gut all wet drywall, plaster, insulation, floors, and ceilings; clean, deodorize, and store all salvageable items; and get things completely ready for reconstruction crews to do their job in a safe, sound, and healthy environment. “These historic buildings present unique challenges, but we are always prepared for the unexpected, we have the experience and the equipment to get the job done right, and we care greatly about our work and our customers.”

Insurcomm's Project Managers at Louie's In Portsmouth, New HampshireMike can easily find himself designing mitigation plans and overseeing up to seventeen sites while working ten to twelve hours a day.  From Portsmouth to Seabrook, New Hampshire, up to York and Lebanon, Maine, Mike can log up to a thousand miles a week simply ensuring that his teams have all they need to accomplish great work and, therefore, please great clients.  “I make sure every detail is looked after…from permits to people, I keep it moving!”         

When disaster strikes your business or your home—and you call the best remediation, mitigation, and reconstruction company in New England—Insurcomm’s Mike Pike is just one of the many wonderful and professional people you will encounter. “In the end, the most pleasurable part of my job is helping people go from feeling upset and powerless to being happy and productive. Insurcomm has a number of experienced Project Managers that are there for you in your time of need. From start to finish, Insurcomm is proud to be your one point of contact!

Client Interview: Chase Home For Children

  Insurcomm Client Interview: Chase Home For Children

Hello, Meme…so, to begin with, how did you hear about Insurcomm and what led you to them?

After having experienced extensive water damage on multiple floor levels within the Chase Home, one of our Board members, a former employee of Insurcomm, called Insurcomm and they respondedInsurcomm Client Interview: Chase Home in Portsmouth New Hampshire Restored by Insurcomm within 30- minutes with a team of professionals. Insurcomm was on the job from 9pm until 2am working to stabilize the damage and begin the cleanup process. A Project Manager then connected with me the following day and worked with our insurance company to develop a plan of remediation and reconstruction—one that was thorough while also maintaining the privacy, safety, and well-being of our residents.

Tell me about the damage that the Home sustained:

Insurcomm Client Interview: Meme Wheeler Of The Chase Home Shows The Work Of InsurcommThe damage was extensive and involved a multitude of restoration services, all of which were provided by Insurcomm. It was a good feeling knowing that one company handled the entire job in all of its complexities. This building was constructed in 1910, which presented even more issues for the Insurcomm team than just the apparent water damage. We needed extensive lead remediation and asbestos tile removal. Each of these challenges was met with resolve and a high level of competency on behalf of Insurcomm.

What was the most enjoyable part of working with your Insurcomm Team?

First, they were always available…I never felt that I had to spend time tracking them down or trying to contact them. Second, Insurcomm always followed through on the work promised…as a matter of fact, they consistently went above and beyond expectations. They even made upgrades that insurance was not going to cover, thereby helping to support the Chase Home for Children.

What did the Board, the staff, and the children think of the job and of Insurcomm?

Overall, and after months of professional, courteous, and highly skilled labor, the Board of Trustees and Directors, and myself, were ecstatic at the beautiful result…it looked to everyone as if Insurcomm had provided us with a brand new building,Insurcomm Client Interview: Meme Wheeler of the Chase Home Shows Off The Work of Insurcomm and for this we are grateful. Even our Chase Home residents have a new sense of pride in their temporary home…thank you, Insurcomm!

Would you recommend Insurcomm?

Absolutely…I have already spoken highly regarding Insurcomm’s services to my colleagues, and even to friends and family. I let them know that if they want a company that will give 110% of the best service possible, and if they want a company that cares deeply about the work and those affected by the disaster, then Insurcomm is their first and final call!

Thank you, Meme, for a wonderful interview and for the kind words…what a pleasure to have worked hard on your behalf! ~The Insurcomm Team

Your One Point Of Contact: The Insurcomm Difference

To have a seamless, timely, professional, and highly coordinated cleanup and restoration experience when disaster strikes your home or business is what separates Insurcomm. We pride ourselves on being your first and final phone call…your one point of contact.

To help accomplish such an optimum overall experience, Insurcomm has gone high tech by implementing the best of industry specific software.  From the moment your phone call is answered, and all necessary details are obtained, your information and the specifics of your job are entered into our DASH system.  From that point forward, any observations or notes taken by your assigned Project Manager show up immediately on DASH for all pertinent employees–those who cover the specifics of your job–to see.  

Insurcomm Staff Is Your One Point Of ContactThe bottom line is that everyone, from your team at Insurcomm to your insurance company to you, is on the same page, with nothing, not one small detail, being lost in translation!  

As wonderful as this data collection and communication software is, it would not work as perfectly and harmoniously without our dedicated employees…it is they who personify and exemplify the true Insurcomm Difference.  Our employees care for and feel for you, the customer, in your time of confusion and loss; we are a passionate company who rally around you, and we take this responsibility seriously.  

When a skilled and compassionate company of employees unite with well thought out and seamless software, great things are destined to occur.  This defines the Insurcomm Difference, this is what separates us, and this is what you can look forward to in your time of need.  Insurcomm is your one point of contact.