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The 1-800-BoardUp Experience: A Caring and Helpful Expert In Your Time Of Need

When Dennis Cote, the capable and caring Director of Emergency Services for 1-800-BoardUp, arrives at the scene of any disaster, you can guarantee that his focus is on the safety and well-being of those victims whose lives have been turned upside-down.  Through his twenty-eight years as a firefighter—most as Chief Fire Officer—and through his calm and compassionate demeanor, Dennis has provided countless victims with the strength and guidance needed in order to reclaim their lives.

BoardUp is a nationally renowned victim assistance and disaster recovery business, where empathy blends seamlessly with experience.  BoardUp Throughout the years, Dennis has established solid relationships with community firefighters and first responders.  “When I show up on scene, everyone knows that the victims—those men, women, and families affected by a disaster—will be taken care of and never taken advantage of.”  In one instance, a fire that caused extensive smoke damage in an apartment complex, the Red Cross had not shown up by the time Dennis arrived. With one phone call, Dennis had secured fourteen rooms at a local hotel, obtained a firefighter to accompany the victims into their apartments to collect any overnight belongings that were salvageable, and met the victims at the hotel to offer any further 1-800-BoardUp assistance. “Money was never part of this equation…this was simply BoardUp at its finest. And to add yet another bright layer to this compelling story, Insurcomm had the tenets back into clean and deodorized apartments within three days!”

Through 1-800-BoardUp, Dennis has assisted innumerable families, including veterans and their service dogs.  In one such case, Dennis and the good people at Insurcomm even went as far as to contact the Easter Seals Military Veterans Programs to reclaim citations, medals, medications, and even a flag that had been lost in a fire.  “It’s an honor to help restore the life and well-being of someone who has served our country.”   In other instances—quite common in disaster relief—1-800-BoardUp prevented secondary damage, which insurance companies welcome and value, by winterizing pipes; securing tarps overheating units, windows, doors, and rooftops; pumping water out from foundations; and removing trees.  “Regardless of your insurance or your ability to pay, we want to take care of you as if you were a member of our family.”

Most recently, 1-800-BoardUp and Insurcomm have teamed up to help raise money for the Seacoast Fire Chief’s Association Golf Tournament, which takes place on Friday, June 2, at the renowned Pease Country Club. All proceeds from this tournament will help ensure that firefighters in over forty communities have the necessary funds to provide the best of educational programs and training. “This is a fun and important event where all money raised ultimately benefits the citizens of this great state.”

If you need the best and most comprehensive of victim services; if you need board up; if you need emergency power; if you need shoring and stabilization; if you need temporary fencing; or if you need a simple toothbrush and great advice on how to put the pieces of your life back together after any type of disaster, then 1-800-BoardUp is your first and final phone call.  Allow Dennis Cote, and his extraordinary wealth of knowledge, to assist you in your time of need.