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12 Generator Safety Tips

12 Tips For Generator Safety - Insurcomm

There are times that you must use a generator for power at your home or business, so it is essential to have this equipment available when you need it. Here are the most common reasons for using a generator: 

  • Requiring power for essential medical devices 
  • Requiring power for space heaters or an air conditioner 
  • To provide power for security equipment 
  • Preventing food spoilage 
  • Removing water from a basement 
  • Coping with power outages 

If you are going to use a generator, then safety has to be a top priority. Here are 12 tips to follow when using a generator. 

Tip 1: Keep a Generator Outside 

Never use a generator inside because it emits dangerous fumes. Avoid using a generator on a covered porch or close to trees where there isn’t enough ventilation. 

Tip 2: Plug the Generator into the Inlet Box or Transfer Switch 

You can’t plug a generator into a regular wall outlet because it won’t have any protection from surges. Doing so can both damage your generator as well as the electrical system in your home. It is always best to have a licensed electrician perform all hookups and walk you through how to operate the unit.   

Tip 3: Turning On the Generator 

Make sure to turn on the generator first before plugging in other equipment or appliances. Don’t overload the generator with too many devices because it can harm the equipment. 

Tip 4: Keep the Generator Dry 

It is dangerous to use a wet generator, so you must place the equipment on a dry surface, and also, protect it from rainwater or snowmelt. 

Tip 5: Add Fuel to the Generator Correctly 

If you have a fuel-operated generator, then turn the machine off until it cools completely. Add the proper fuel carefully to avoid any problems from explosions or flames. 

Tip 6: Read the Generator’s Manual 

Always read the generator’s operating manual before using the equipment, and also, make sure to read it again if it has been a while since you last used the device. 

Tip 7: Turn the Generator in the Proper Direction 

Make that the exhaust gases from your generator are not entering a home or any other structure. These gases are often lethal for animals and people. 

Tip 8: Choose the Right Type of Extension Cord for Your Generator 

When you need an extension cord for your generator, make sure to buy the right type. A flimsy extension cord that you would use for a lamp at home isn’t suitable for a generator. Instead, make sure to get a higher gauge extension cord. 

Tip 9: Stay Near the Generator 

Don’t leave a generator alone while it is in operation, especially when you have children or family pets. Teach your children to stay away from the generator at all times. 

Tip 10: Wear Gloves While Working with the Generator 

A generator gets hot quickly, so you should make sure to wear gloves while handling the device. Look for gloves that have heat-resistant material. 

Tip 11: Store Generator Fuel Safely 

When you use fuel for a generator rather than using electricity, you must store it safely. Use the proper containers for the fuel and place the containers in a proper storage area. 

Tip 12: Don’t Use a Grill or Cookstove Near the Generator 

The flames and gases from a cookstove or barbecue grill can combine with the heat and exhaust from the generator, leading to dangerous fumes or potential explosions. 

When you need emergency services due to inclement weather conditions or a disaster such as a flood, call Insurcomm. Our knowledgeable staff understands proper generator safety. Insurcomm is available 24/7 for any emergency situation to help you when you need it most. 

How Mold Is Tested & Treated

Mold is dangerous, costly, and sneaky, so being aware of its warning signs is a significant first step in avoiding major problems. To begin with, mold spores need sufficient moisture, the right temperature range, and a food source such as insulation, carpet, wood moldings, or ceiling tiles.  Visible warning signs can be discoloration or water stains on walls or ceilings, or areas of standing water or condensation on floors or window sills.  Physical warning signs often begin with smelling a musty odor and can lead to rashes, seizures, or respiratory problems.  The good news is that (a) most molds are not toxic, and (b) Insurcomm is one phone call away!

We work with the leading mold testing industry experts that are able to test for mold. These industry experts are a separate independent 3rd party business from Insurcomm in order to uphold the highest levels of standards for you – our customer. If it is found that mold is present during testing by these leading independent experts – Insurcomm then steps in to do the complete mold elimination and remediation

When a structure reveals this menace, your Insurcomm specialists begin by finding its source—be it from plumbing damage, a leaking roof, or groundwater seeping into a basement or foundation.  Once we identify the source, we quarantine the area and store and clean all salvageable contents.  Using biocide detergent, negative air pressure, and the latest technology, we then clean the entire affected area, which is then coated with a mold-inhibiting protective layer. Finally, we restore the damaged area back to its original and pristine condition.

Without hesitation, your certified, licensed, experienced, and trusted Insurcomm Mold Remediation Team is available on a 24/7 basis. When mold reveals itself to you, Insurcomm is your trusted call—from start to finish, we are your one point of contact!



Why Water Damage Needs To Be Fixed Right Away

Is It A Big Deal?

Whether you have a big leak on your hands or a small one, any water leakage is never a good thing. It can cause water damage and you may not be immediately clear on just why water damage is such a bad thing to have. This article will inform you of the consequences such damage can have on your property and your health.

Why Water Damage Needs To Be Fixed Right Away

Rotting Wood

Perhaps the most obvious form of damage is that it can rot wood. Through mold and other means, the wood can slowly be chipped away. It’s also more pliable when wet. So, if there are sharp changes in temperature while the wood is wet, it can expand or drink dramatically and even splinter if there’s too much pressure. If the wood that is compromised makes up structural components, you might start to see cracks in your walls and flooring. This damage can be exacerbated with further damage from the water and other stressors.

Mold Growth

Another extremely alarming consequence is mold. As a fungus, mold becomes active when there is a certain amount of moisture in the air as well as a certain temperature. It sprouts spores which can travel quite a bit of distance and settle on surfaces. From there, the mold can grow and expand. Not only can it eat and weaken whatever it is resting on and whatever is around it but certain mold can be a health hazard as well. If it becomes prevalent enough or rests close to an air vent, that mold can spread through the air.

Attracts Pests

When wood becomes wet, it can attract pests to the area. Certain insects like the softer wood because it makes it easier to burrow inside of and lay their eggs. Termites, beetles, and even certain wasps can easily take up residence within the wood. This can make the structural components even weaker. Your home might become hollow and be considered inhabitable due to the damage it received. These types of pests can be difficult to remove if the infestation has gone on long enough without your notice.

Besides insects, other pests like rodents may be attracted to your home with easy access to water. Some even like to eat wood, too. Those that do not, however, can find nourishment in drinking the water and finding food in the rest of your house. Like your kitchen, for example. Since having insects and rodents in your home is a whole other issue that you’ll have to deal with, it’s best to prevent their incursion into your home from the start by ensuring you don’t have any leaking pipes.

Damaged Foundation

As mentioned a few times before, if water manages to trickle down to the base foundation of the home, it can cause quite a bit of damage there. Water slowly makes cracks form. It can erode those cracks and make them even worse until the very foundation of your home is threatened. Foundation work can be quite expensive, but it’s dangerous to inhabit a home with an unstable foundation. As such, the repairs are necessary if you want to keep living in the house.


With an example of a flood in your basement, that entire area is now subjected to waterborne illnesses. It’s extremely unlikely that the water that flooded your basement was treated. As such, the floor and everything else that the water comes in contact with could be contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Not only does this large amount of water cause damage to the house itself it can also become a health threat.

Receive Help

Faced with any possible scenario, Insurcomm will respond immediately with trained and certified experts, led by a capable and experienced Project Manager, to your commercial or residential loss. Working in conjunction with your insurance carrier on your behalf, and offering direct billing in most cases, we can immediately begin the process of protecting your property from further loss or damage by making temporary repairs, securing your property from further water damage, and preparing a water damage assessment plan for long-term repairs and renovations.

Insurcomm possesses the latest in modern diagnostic tools, water extraction methodology, and drying equipment, and we are prepared to assist you with the very best, and most thorough, of services in your time of need. Insurcomm is affiliated with many of the leading water damage organizations, including – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Verification (IICRC). 

Insurcomm cleans up the area serving all of New England. To learn more visit Insurcomm’s water damage cleanup and repair website.

How To Prepare For The Winter Freeze

Insurcomm | How To Prepare For The Winter Freeze

Winter weather conditions can be brutal and will inflict relentless forces on your home or business throughout the winter months. As a New England property owner, it is essential that you understand the dangers of cold weather conditions on your home or business. More than that, you need to take thorough and effective steps to protect your property against the impending impact of deep cold, strong winds, snow, ice, and other damaging elements.

The Impact of Winter Weather on Your Roof

Because of the unique position of your property’s roof across the top of your building, the roof takes the brunt force of winter weather conditions. The roof must be in perfect condition in order to create an impermeable barrier. However, strong winds can blow at least a few shingles out of place. In addition, the risk of ice dams on the roof is significant. An ice dam occurs when the roof’s temperature is uneven. Ice and snow may melt at warmer areas of the roof, but it may refreeze when it reaches a cooler area. The result is a dam of ice that has a pool of water above it. Your roof is designed to be impermeable to water that runs downward off of it. When water pools up, such as is the case with an ice dam, water can seep underneath shingles and cause significant water damage inside the home or business.

The Effects of Cold Weather on Your Plumbing System

Your property’s roof is not the only component that may be damaged by frigid temperatures. Water can freeze along the exterior of your home or business as well as inside the structure. Freshwater and wastewater are contained by your plumbing system’s pipes, and these pipes can freeze when outdoor temperatures reach extreme levels. Most pipes are protected by exterior walls, cladding, and even insulation. They may also be moderately heated by the building’s interior warmth. However, insulation may not be even throughout the walls. It can also deteriorate over time or be damaged by other sources. In addition, interior heat generation may be minimal or nonexistent if the HVAC system is not doing its job well. Frozen pipes are common throughout the winter in New England, and they can cause significant damage. In addition to the risk of extensive property damage if a pipe ruptures, your ability to draw water from the pipe may be impaired until the frozen water thaws.

The Incredible Damage Caused by Water

You can see that water-related property damage in the winter months is common because of frozen pipes as well as roof damage and ice dams. When water is not properly contained in your home or business, it can quickly spread across the floor. It may also penetrate into the property through drywall, down support beams and more. Water can deteriorate the condition of these features, and it may damage the electrical system, furniture, cabinetry, and many other components. Some surfaces may be impermeable to damage from water for a period of time, and others may be damaged almost on contact. In some cases, this damage is not immediately identified, and the flow of water throughout the home or business may spread quickly. Damage is often widespread, and it must be remedied immediately to reduce the severity of the damage. Staining as well as mold growth are commonly related to this type of damage as well.

How to Prevent Water-Related Damage During the Cold Weather Season

As common as damage from water is throughout winter months and beyond, you can take considerable steps to reduce your exposure to this type of property damage. Some of the thoughtful and effective ways to prevent this type of winter weather damage in homes and businesses include:

– Upgrading insulation in ceilings, attic, and walls
– Wrapping exterior or exposed pipes
– Leaving the water running at a trickle during freezing weather conditions
– Maintain the thermostat at a comfortable temperature
– Clean your gutters and roof
– Service your HVAC system
– Identify and seal all exterior gaps

Your Source for Fast, High-Quality Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Deep cold is common throughout the long winter months in New England, and it can cause serious property damage in minimal time. If you have discovered signs of significant damage in your home or business, Insurcomm is your trusted source for storm damage cleanup and restoration work. Regardless of the cause of damage in your property, you can expect our skilled and well-trained repair and restoration team to effectively remove the water as a first step. Timing is critical when dealing with water remediation. As time passes, your property’s risk for mold growth and additional damage from water increases. After we quickly remove the water, we will then dry out the building. This includes bringing humidity to a normal level to further reduce the risk of mold growth. Once these steps have been addressed, we can efficiently restore the condition of your property. Rest assured that we have the skills, equipment, and dedication required to produce the fast results that you need.

Regardless of whether winter is quickly approaching or it has already arrived, it is never too late to prepare your home or business for the incredibly damaging forces that will impact it soon. An ounce of prevention goes a long way toward protecting your property from ice dams, frozen plumbing features and other types of damage. However, even when you take these preventive steps, damage may still occur. We have a cleanup and restoration team on standby waiting to assist you. At the first sign of damage from water in your home or business, contact us 24/7 for a fast emergency response.

What To Do About Water Damage

Water damage is often a very foreseeable event that many property owners fail to hedge against. Leaky pipes are the leading cause of damage in homes. Water is a unique molecule that has a tendency to seep and creep like nothing else in existence. The adhesion and cohesion properties of water allow the molecules to form never-ending sticky chains that cling to many materials. The wicking properties of water will silently draw a nearly invisible leak into a large pool or saturation of materials elsewhere in your home.

Causes Of Water Damage

Leaky roofs, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens are the areas most susceptible to water damage and flooding after the basement. The basement sits at the lowest center of gravity and is below ground. It is, therefore, a virtual magnet for water problems and flooding. The problem with water leaks is that it only takes a hairline crack to begin the seepage and flooding issues. These fine cracks and clogged drainage systems in windows and other construction are typically overlooked by most homeowners.

Many new homeowners don’t realize that the source of the leaks can be something as minute as a poorly fastened molding, bracket, or siding that requires full tension to bond with a waterproof seal. The ultimate question when reviewing our homes inside and out is how waterproof and watertight are we talking here.

Sources Of Water Damage

Locating the source of a water leak can be difficult and may even require the use of UV dyes. Often times, this type of damage is not covered by insurance companies unless there is an additional clause in the policy particularly carved out with exceptions and applicabilities. Homeowners tend to forego requesting such a policy that inherently increases their monthly payments. The resulting mold from such wicking leaks can develop in hours or become a plague of rotting and festering subframe materials over years. In other cases, the water heater is leaking or the sewage system has backed up and released dirty water into your home.

People who live in flood-prone areas are more likely to have the extra insurance to mitigate the costs associated with water damage. If you live in New England, companies like Insurcomm can work with your insurer to quickly mitigate, repair, and clean up any water damage. The damage in these cases normally comes from a failed sump pump in the basement after a tremendous downpour. There are a variety of materials that can be used to divert water away from the home. Permeable pavement systems and well-designed storm drainage systems will carry the bulk of run-off water away from the home. It is even possible to dig a trench and install aluminum flashing around the foundation to repel seepage.

Types Of Water Damage

There are actually names for the various types of water responsible for damage in your home. “Clean water” forms the first category, water that you would otherwise be able to wash your hands with if it wasn’t being directed into household building materials. The second category is reserved for “grey water.” This is brackish water that is refuse of some appliance or contaminated with biological agents for other reasons. Water contaminated with pure urine falls into this category.

The final category is something called “black water.” Black water is anything that is unsanitary for its bacteria or fungal content. Raw sewage and groundwater that has crept in from an unpurified stream, ocean, or ordinary rainfall, can all fall into this category. Grey water that has settled and become stagnant can also meet this classification, considering how quickly mold and pathogens can develop in unclean surfaces. Now that you have some idea of how to deal with water emergencies and mitigate the risks, the road is wide open in front of you to stay above the fray. Knowing the limitations of your insurance coverage and the vulnerabilities of your structure will lead you to the proper steps for mitigating risks to your home or property.

Solutions To Prevent Water Damage

These problems can be further averted by buying property that is not below sea level or near streams and other bodies of water. By inspecting your plumbing and appliances annually, with careful attention to even seemingly minor leaks, a bulk of the risk is mitigated using cost-free preventative maintenance. Water management and moisture auditing of your home are practical techniques for assessing your risk and developing systems to deal with those chance disasters.

Permeable pavement systems can be designed to suck up a phenomenal amount of water. The water is diverted into the underground aquifer by digging deep trenches and filling it with layers upon layers of the material. It is the surface retention of water over grass and traditional paving that allows it to pool and flood into your house in the first place. If you have constructed a virtual highway to the deep-seated wells far below your home, the chances of being hit with excess run-off water become minuscule. Depending upon your property and particular concerns, this may be the best long-term investment to prevent flooding and storm damage.

Insurcomm Is The Leader In Water Damage Cleanup

If you live in any of the New England States, (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut,) Insurcomm has the 24/7 hotline for you to obtain direct service in your state. We work with the adjusters to obtain the maximum coverage you deserve. Insurcomm educates property managers and homeowners on how to prepare for storm damage and internal problems that cause water and flood damage. Even if your home fell victim to a fire from a gas leak or faulty electrical fixture, Insurcomm can come in immediately and begin the restoration process of items damaged by the high-pressure hoses onboard most fire trucks. Additional details on Insurcomm’s water damage service can be found here


Fire Safety and Surviving a House Fire

We tend to worry more about natural disasters than fire safety and the potential for the house going up in flames. We have food stored, a go-bag already stashed in the car and maybe even a plan for what we can grab out of the house before evacuating. The main reason for this preparedness is a direct result of the frequency of warnings and recommendations. Fire safety often gets brushed to the side. 

For comparison, it is typically the people who have survived a house fire who have come to grips with the harsh reality that the only preparation you can make in the event of a fire at home is knowing your escape routes and how fast you can get through them to place that call to 911.

On average, at least 80 percent of the population is under the mistaken impression that they may have 10 minutes to get out alive. This is far from the truth. In fact, homes today burn faster than they did 30 years ago when you might have had up to 17 minutes to get out. Open floor plans have fewer wall barriers providing more oxygen to fuel the flames. In addition, today’s residential structures use a greater volume of synthetic building materials and furnishings that burn at a faster rate than natural products of the past. As a consequence, fire safety has never been more important!

According to Underwriters Laboratories, you may have as few as two to three minutes to get out of a burning house alive. For your own fire safety in your home, National Fire Protection Association suggests you should not be using those precious few minutes to fumble with a fire extinguisher or grab for treasured items or to look for the cat who is probably not even in the house. Just get out! Fire safety preparation is essential for survival. 

Facts About Fire Extinguishers

Residential fires are high stakes situations. FEMA reports that roughly seven people perish every day in house fires. Unfortunately, some of those deaths are the result of people thinking they can fight the fire themselves. Even if you had a fire extinguisher handy, would you know what to do with it?

Insurcomm Fire Extinguisher

FEMA suggests you should only attempt using a fire extinguisher if:

  • You have been properly trained in their use and have the right type of extinguisher for the type of fire
  • The fire is small manageable, such as that contained in a wastebasket
  • You can put out the fire in less than five seconds
  • There are no flammable materials nearby
  • You are prepared to quickly use your exits to get out if you are unable to extinguish the flames

You are dealing with more than flames in the event of a house fire. There are also gases and there is a lot of heat, plus a fire will double its size with every minute that passes. Your priority in the event of a house fire should be survival and not try to put the fire out. For the best chance of survival, there are several things you can do for your own fire prevention at home:

Smoke Detectors

Records of house fires reflect that 60 percent of fires in which people survived was due to having working smoke detectors installed in the bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, and basements. You can get long-life batteries for them that may last up to 10 years. You can also get wireless interconnectivity so that in the event a fire is detected in a basement, it will also set off the alarms in the bedrooms to warn occupants.

Family Fire Drills

In addition to reducing sources of ignition, fire prevention should also include education to teach occupants how they can avoid causing fires in the first place. Schools, commercial buildings, high rises and public venues will conduct fire drills with regularity to ensure all their tools and systems are up to the test. You should conduct home fire drills.

When your family members are rehearsed in the best methods of escape, it will not be a surprise should the need arise. Plan at least two exits per room even if one of them is a window as the typical egress could be unusable in a real house fire. Map out your exits and be sure to keep them clear. As part of your fire drill exercises, test your smoke alarms to be sure they are working. If not, check and change the batteries as needed.

Choose a location outside the house that is at a safe distance relative to a recognizable spot, such as a tree or other landmark. While outside, double check your house numbers are clear and visible from the street so that emergency response vehicles will be able to find it. Having a plan and rehearsing its execute reduces the panic that would otherwise set in during a fire.

How to Respond to a Fire

Professional firefighters will tell you that most people who fail to get out are often disabled by the smoke and gases. You are best protected when keeping low by bending down or crawling as heat rises. Check doors, not the doorknobs. If there is fire on the other side, it will feel hot. Do not open the door, and instead, find another door or window. Close doors behind you as you can to close off a chimney effect. This helps reduce the oxygen the fire needs to remain active while keeping temperatures down and the smoke out.

House Fire Insurcomm

If you find you are stuck in one room, close any doors and windows. If you can do it, place wet towels or wet fabric over any openings through which smoke can get in. When exiting windows, crawl outside backward while facing the interior of the house. You can position yourself so that your feet are closest to the ground as they can get before you let go and drop. Above all, once safely outside, do not go back in. Alert and allow firefighters to respond to the need to go inside to rescue others.

Fire Safety

According to the American Survey CO, electrical appliances such as stoves, microwaves, radiators, heating units, toasters and other small appliances are responsible for about 47 percent of house fires. Other appliances such as the washer and dryer, stoves and computers generate heat and should be positioned so that the heat produced is not a risk. While dealing with electrical devices, check all the wires and connections you are using in the house. Frayed wires or overloaded extensions chords present a potential fire safety hazard.

Why Insurcomm Is Your One Point Of Contact

fire safety

Different methods are employed in the performance of restoration based on the type of fire damage that has been sustained. Restoration can be handled by property managers, building managers or homeowners themselves. If a fire has occurred in your home leaving destruction in its wake, we at Insurcomm are available throughout New England to perform expert fire damage cleanup and repair. When you call us at 844-ICI-FIRE, we pledge to provide the safest way to restore your fire damaged property. We have the training and extensive experience in New England to provide cleanup and repair services from start to finish.

Job Openings

Insurcomm is currently looking for skilled carpenters / working foreman with experience in framing, roofing, siding, and finish carpentry to join our team, starting immediately. We do all phases of construction and are busy with year-round work. 

Must have valid driver’s license and reliable transportation, must work efficiently & independently

We work in NH, MA and Southern ME

Please email [email protected] your detailed work history and references, and any specific/unique carpentry skills you have.  In your email, please provide a phone number that we can reach you at once your application has been reviewed.

All applicants must have a minimum 5 years of experience.

Carpenters duties can include:

  • Patch and paint
  • Installing windows, doors and cabinets
  • Sheet rock, tape, and mud
  • Framing to finish work
  • Ceramic tile, flooring

Full-time Position


  • Pay based on experience level
  • 401K 4% match
  • Employee Health Insurance – 75% paid by Insurcomm
  • Company Phone & Uniforms
  • Paid Holidays & Paid Vacation

Insurcomm always puts our customers first. To learn more about Insurcomm please visit our about us page.

Open Positions | Insurcomm

How To Prepare For A Disaster

A disaster can strike at any time. Major disasters that have happened around the U.S. and world over the past few years clearly demonstrate the importance of having an emergency plan in place. In New England, the winter months can pose a special problem because of storm dangers like 

freezing temperatures, sleet, ice and snow accumulations. When a disaster strikes, your loved ones may not all be together, and you will want to have a plan that everyone can follow from wherever they might be.

What your plan should include

When you prepare you should include information in your family’s emergency 

How To Prepare For A Disaster | Insurcomm

plan that accounts for all of your family members as well as your pets. In order to prepare well, your plan should include the following information:

  • How each person will be able to get to a safe, pre-chosen place
  • How everyone will be able to contact the others
  • How your family will handle different types of emergencies, including fires, floods, being stranded and others
  • How everyone in your family will be able to get back together in one place

Every person should carry this information on a wallet-sized card so that they can quickly refer to it in an emergency. In addition, you should also make certain that you have disaster kits and supplies for each family member.

Disaster Supplies to have on hand for your storm kit

According to the American Red Cross, you should have certain minimum supplies. You need to have at least one gallon of water per day for every member of your family, including your pets. You should take a three-day water supply with you if you are evacuated and keep a two-week supply of water on hand in your home. You should likewise take a three-day supply of food if you are evacuated and have two weeks worth of food on hand in your home.

Your emergency storm kit should include the following items:

  • Flashlight
  • Blankets
  • First aid kit
  • Batteries
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Seven days worth of medication
  • Hygiene and sanitation items

Make certain that you carry emergency contact information for your family members, have photocopies of your important documents and have extra cash available to you.

If you will be driving

If you plan to drive during a storm or when there is a lot of snow and ice on the ground, it is important that you are prepared in case that you get stuck. You should make certain that you have extra medical blankets in the trunk of your vehicle along with a first aid kit, road flares, a small shovel and kitty litter. When you travel, always make certain that you have your cell phone with you along with a charger so that you can call for help.

What to do after the storm

Major storms can cause roofs to collapse, burst pipes and water damage. You should inspect your home or business and hire professionals who can act quickly to prevent further damage. The professionals at Insurcomm can take quick action to stop further damage and then work to restore and repair your home or your business. The most important thing is that you and your family stay safe. Thoroughly preparing in advance can help you to minimize the damage, limit downtime and potentially save your lives. If you need help, contact Insurcomm today. We are here to help you in the event of an emergency.

The 1-800-BoardUp Experience: A Caring and Helpful Expert In Your Time Of Need

When Dennis Cote, the capable and caring Director of Emergency Services for 1-800-BoardUp, arrives at the scene of any disaster, you can guarantee that his focus is on the safety and well-being of those victims whose lives have been turned upside-down.  Through his twenty-eight years as a firefighter—most as Chief Fire Officer—and through his calm and compassionate demeanor, Dennis has provided countless victims with the strength and guidance needed in order to reclaim their lives.

BoardUp is a nationally renowned victim assistance and disaster recovery business, where empathy blends seamlessly with experience.  BoardUp Throughout the years, Dennis has established solid relationships with community firefighters and first responders.  “When I show up on scene, everyone knows that the victims—those men, women, and families affected by a disaster—will be taken care of and never taken advantage of.”  In one instance, a fire that caused extensive smoke damage in an apartment complex, the Red Cross had not shown up by the time Dennis arrived. With one phone call, Dennis had secured fourteen rooms at a local hotel, obtained a firefighter to accompany the victims into their apartments to collect any overnight belongings that were salvageable, and met the victims at the hotel to offer any further 1-800-BoardUp assistance. “Money was never part of this equation…this was simply BoardUp at its finest. And to add yet another bright layer to this compelling story, Insurcomm had the tenets back into clean and deodorized apartments within three days!”

Through 1-800-BoardUp, Dennis has assisted innumerable families, including veterans and their service dogs.  In one such case, Dennis and the good people at Insurcomm even went as far as to contact the Easter Seals Military Veterans Programs to reclaim citations, medals, medications, and even a flag that had been lost in a fire.  “It’s an honor to help restore the life and well-being of someone who has served our country.”   In other instances—quite common in disaster relief—1-800-BoardUp prevented secondary damage, which insurance companies welcome and value, by winterizing pipes; securing tarps overheating units, windows, doors, and rooftops; pumping water out from foundations; and removing trees.  “Regardless of your insurance or your ability to pay, we want to take care of you as if you were a member of our family.”

Most recently, 1-800-BoardUp and Insurcomm have teamed up to help raise money for the Seacoast Fire Chief’s Association Golf Tournament, which takes place on Friday, June 2, at the renowned Pease Country Club. All proceeds from this tournament will help ensure that firefighters in over forty communities have the necessary funds to provide the best of educational programs and training. “This is a fun and important event where all money raised ultimately benefits the citizens of this great state.”

If you need the best and most comprehensive of victim services; if you need board up; if you need emergency power; if you need shoring and stabilization; if you need temporary fencing; or if you need a simple toothbrush and great advice on how to put the pieces of your life back together after any type of disaster, then 1-800-BoardUp is your first and final phone call.  Allow Dennis Cote, and his extraordinary wealth of knowledge, to assist you in your time of need.   

New England’s Leading Restoration Company

The American Dream of owning a home or owning a business has certain unpleasant realities that lurk in its shadow—such as fire, water, storm, and mold damage—and such realities are exactly why we exist. Insurcomm is New England’s Leading Restoration Company. From start to finish, we are your one point of contact, as we have an experienced and certified staff of employees to serve your every need. We also have a brand new, state-of-the-art building—located in Portsmouth, NH from which to conduct operations.

From fire, water, storm, mold, biohazard, and asbestos cleanup and repair to contents cleaning, deodorizing, and storage, Insurcomm works hard to keep your American Dream alive and well. At Insurcomm, we pride ourselves on being your first and final phone call when catastrophe strikes.

Fire Damage

Fire damage cleanup is oftentimes more extensive than one realizes, as flames can char walls and ceilings and floors, and the heat from flames can melt furniture and fixtures from thirty feet away. Smoke from a fire can blacken personal items such as appliances, rugs, and pictures, and the odor from a fire can permeate the entire structure. When your local and brave firefighters leave the scene, Insurcomm remains with you— and works together with you and your insurance company—until your home, and those personal belongings that were salvageable, is restored back to its original, if not better, condition.

New England's Leading Restoration Company: Insurcomm Fire

A trusted Insurcomm team of certified experts will set a remediation and restoration plan in motion that includes working with your insurance company on your behalf, removing all debris, storing and cleaning all salvageable furnishings and personal items, and providing in-house and highly skilled tradesmen to complete your carpentry, roofing, plumbing, and electric needs. From start to finish, Insurcomm is your one point of contact.

Water Damage

Water damage due to storms, burst pipes, faulty sewer lines, foundation cracks, or leaky roofs and windows can wreak havoc on your home, and Insurcomm’s cleanup and repair teams are second to none. We have the knowledge and the equipment to clean and repair carpets, wood floors, baseboards, walls, ceilings, and personal items, and our experts are on call and at your service 24/7. Insurcomm handles water damage across New EnglandAt Insurcomm, we understand that every water damage situation requires a rapid response in order to stabilize the loss, as well as the latest in diagnostic tools, water extraction methodology, and drying equipment. For over twenty years, we have helped customers like you solve any and all water related problems. What separates us from our competition is that we have an experience base of over two decades; we have a solid reputation as a caring, trusted, and professional organization; and we provide a one-point-of-contact experience. From the moment we are on the scene, Insurcomm provides all service necessary—from cleanup to restoration—to ensure that you are completely satisfied with a job well done!


At Insurcomm, we know all too well that mold is a four-letter word, and we offer the best, most thorough, and most advanced mold remediation service in all of New England. Mold growth due to moisture buildup or water and flood damage can spread throughout walls, ceilings, attics, and basements at a rapid pace, causing structural damage to your home or commercial building. For the home or business owner, mold can cause sickness and serious allergic reactions. If you see or smell mold, you must act quickly in order to prevent further damage to your health and your home by calling 844-ICI-MOLD at any time of the day or night. Insurcomm handles all your mold issues across New EnglandUsing the latest technology—including HEPA vacuums, biocide detergents, negative air pressure, and mold-inhibiting protective coatings—our certified specialists will enact a proven plan of containment, removal, storage, and cleaning. For your peace of mind, we also provide an experienced team of in-house reconstruction craftsmen, and we offer the replacement of affected utilities and appliances. When mold rears its ugly face, Insurcomm is your trusted one point of contact!

Storm Damage

Water, mold damage, and a wide array of serious repair and cleanup conditions can easily be the result of nature’s wrath, so when a storm causes destruction to your home or commercial building, Insurcomm is just a quick phone call away. We have the best cleanup, repair, storage, and restoration services in New England and have proudly helped property owners for 20+ years.

Our certified disaster preparedness teams work with your insurance company on your behalf to handle any and all situations—from tree, roof, window, siding, or chimney repair, all the way to the complete destruction of a structure, we get the job done right and we work to eliminate your worry.

Insurcomm provides emergency board up of doors and windows, roof and siding tarps, removal of fallen trees and debris, generators, content cleanup and storage, and reconstruction and restoration services. Insurcomm takes care of you after a storm al across New EnglandBut what truly distinguishes us from our competitors is that we also provide our customers with anything from a toothbrush to meal certificates to sound advice from experts in the field, because we know that small and personal gestures go a long way when disaster strikes. At Insurcomm, we care deeply for those we serve, and we always aim to please.


Many home or building disasters require the vital services of Insurcomm’s 1-800-BoardUp experts. These seasoned and respected emergency responders, who work out of our newly constructed Portsmouth facility, are at your service to provide victim support such as temporary housing, loner cell phones, hygiene and PPE kits, pet services, and educational literature. They also work to secure your property while communicating and coordinating seamlessly with other Insurcomm divisions to ensure your complete peace of mind. 1-800-BoardUpInsurcomm handles your board up needs is a nationally recognized company that has provided the very best emergency support for victims of disasters, and we are proud to provide this A+ Rated (by the Better Business Bureau) service to our valued customers. The goal during any traumatic occurrence is to provide families and/or business owners with helpful, capable, timely, and professional service by offering resources and recommendations that will assist in support and recovery. At Insurcomm, your every need is our concern, and we work diligently and tirelessly to restore what was once whole and help put the pieces of a productive and healthy life back together again.

Contents Restoration and Storage

When fire, water, mold, or storm damage occurs, Insurcomm not only provides the most efficient, thorough, caring, and professional cleanup and restoration services, but we also have the best contents restoration and storage system in the northeast.

 In essence, your personal belongings must be taken care of in a professional and secure manner, and we go to great lengths to ensure such an experience. Using our ultramodern Ultrasonic Cleaning Station, we clean and restore your belongings to the highest of standards, even hand washing items when necessary. Rugs and carpets are cleaned, deodorized, and dried in yet another of our state-of-the-art machines. Once our technicians finish cleaning and drying your belongings, they bubble wrap and place them perfectly in white boxes, which are then positioned inside our clean and secured storage vaults, also housed on-site in our climate controlled facility. If a total Pack Out is required, we inventory all of your belongings and house them under 24/7 video surveillance. The bottom line is that when you call Insurcomm during difficult times, you can rest comfortably knowing that everything—from cleanup to construction to contents—is handled perfectly, professionally, and securely by a business that cares.

Biohazard Cleanup

There are many unfortunate and serious situations that require the attention of certified biohazard experts, and Insurcomm has the experience, the equipment, and the personal to handle any such circumstance. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are four levels of biohazards that begin with agents that pose a minimal threat to humans and the environment, and end with pathogens that pose a high risk of life-threatening disease. At Insurcomm, your safety is our concern and we pride ourselves on protecting our clients and our employees throughout the entire cleanup and restoration process. Biohazard environments include blood and bodily fluid spills from laboratories, crime scenes, suicide scenes, and automobile accidents, and we have the proven protocols—that are in accordance with OSHA and EPA regulations—to remove, clean, and restore any setting back to its original condition. Perhaps the greatest words we have received came from a client whose relative had passed and gone unnoticed in their home for nearly a week:

“I was saddened and overwhelmed at the untimely death of my father, and I was so thankful for the compassion, respect, and professionalism that the Insurcomm team provided.”

These are the sentiments we at Insurcomm strive for when working for you in your time of need.

Asbestos Cleanup

Asbestos was once thought to be the miracle fiber, and it was used for everything from fire and sound proofing to insulating homes. Siding and roofing products, heating and air conditioning ducts, hot water tanks, pipe insulation, stucco and plaster…asbestos can be found everywhere. By the 1960’s, serious diseases were being caused by asbestos, and by 1990 the EPA banned most uses of asbestos. The good news is that Insurcomm has an in-house staff of certified personnel who possess the depth of experience required to assess and remove this microscopic and dangerous substance. Once recognized, our protocol for asbestos remediation includes quarantining the affected area off, filing the appropriate paperwork with the state and the EPA, and securing all necessary permits for remediation. To avoid any conflict of interest, a third party is hired to conduct all testing and to write the abatement plan, a plan we then follow to standard. The proper handling of asbestos requires knowledge, skill, and resources, and Insurcomm is prepared, and available around the clock, to solve your asbestos problem.

Insurcomm: New England’s Leading Restoration Company

Specializing in fire, water, and storm damage cleanup and restoration, mold and asbestos remediation, biohazard cleanup, contents restoration and storage, remodeling, and reconstruction—and possessing an experienced, certified, and professional staff of employees—Insurcomm is quickly becoming New England’s leading, and one point of contact, restoration contractor. The Insurcomm Difference centers on complete customer satisfaction, and this begins with the initial phone call for service and ends with peace of mind and a job well done! We make sure that your every need is met during troubling times by a staff that genuinely cares about you and the work they provide. Your home, your family, your building, your business—your American Dream—is alive and well, and in good hands, when Insurcomm is on the job.